EFO is a re-imagined office working with our clients to achieve financial success. We are an unrivaled specialty tax resource that partners with the very best in Tax Mitigation, Corporate Efficiency, Financial Optimization, asset Protection & Smart philanthropy & Legacy. We provide our clients with unprecedented access to sophisticated tax, wealth preservation & growth strategies.

Looking for Asset Protection Strategies?

Do you have an upcoming tax liability?

Are you ready to start a charity or smart philanthropy?

Do you need input on wealth preservation and financial optimization?

Are you profitable but growing and need business systems and corporate efficiency?

About Us

We provide absolute tax savings through engineered methods & strategies that help mitigate your taxes while turning them into appreciating assets.

Julio Gonzalez

“For over 20 years I have provided thousands of CPA firms with the tools to help their clients preserve wealth through tax strategies. As I built my own wealth I realized that beyond these tools, I was blessed to meet incredible experts who specialize in sophisticated structures and efficient business systems. I gained access to other extraordinary solutions toward wealth preservation, smart philanthropy, exclusive allocations and strategic opportunities to creating purposeful wealth that all members of the financial advisory team and the high net worth individual himself will benefit from. This is why we created Envisioned Family Office.”


We are an innovative, multi-faceted Family Office Firm uniquely qualified to serve the diverse demands of our high-net-worth clients.

Our Mission

To bring you information, tools, & access to solutions based on the ever changing tax code & strategies from top 100 corporations.


We love to work with small businesses, large corporations, family offices, and high net worth individuals alike!

It differs depending on the service you are looking for… For majority of our services, we only make money when you save money, consultations are free. 

The typical turn around for a consultation ranges from day 1 of request all the way up to 2 weeks and longer. All of which are dependent on both parties schedules!

Yes, we encourage it! We work congruently with CPA’s all over the country to best serve our clients various financial situations! Our company loves to not only work with but also educate CPA’s about the ever changing tax code and how they can best serve their clients financial growth.

No matter how complex or how simple your tax situation is, we craft unique strategies that help us solve your company’s financial tax burden. There is no company, family office, or individual we cannot help nor is there a financial tax burden we cannot cure.

For your maximum tax  benefit, we encourage our clients to contact us well before the end of the year. While we have many strategies and solutions that can impact your previous tax years, the greatest impact we can have will be in your current year and future taxes.

Working with your CPA, we have the ability and the resources to amend your tax returns and utilize tax mitigating strategies that can reach several years back.

Contact Us! The sooner we look into your financial situation, the sooner we can relieve you of your tax burden. It begins with a call that allows us to understand your unique needs, to be able to craft a solution tailored to you.

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